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Professional Design & Residential Drafting Services in Melbourne

Design, Drafting & Permit Drawings

Home Builders Melbourne is a Melbourne-based team of passionate builders, drafters & building design professionals with a focus on architectural design and town planning.

A good design for a house needs to seamlessly incorporate concepts and then translate them into tangible building drawings. We take care of all logistics by representing a client at every step of the application process, or in parts, depending on the client request for a turnkey package or design services only.

new home design and drafting services

New Home Design

multi unit development design and drafting

Multi-Unit Developments

multi storey draftin and design in moorabin

Multi-Storey Developments

house extenstions design and drafting services

Extensions & Renovations

  • Unique House Designs

    High quality House Designs and Renovation plans tailored for each clients lifestyle.

  • New Homes

    Quality individual Designs for New Homes by qualified Building Designers.

  • Granny flats approvals

    Custom designs and CDC plans approvals for Secondary dwellings and studios.

  • Council DA Drawings and CDC Approvals

    Council DA /CC Drawings and CDC (Complying Development) Private Certifiers.

  • Extensions and Additions

    Designs and plans for house renovations, including ground floor extensions, new Decks, Carports, Garages and first-floor additions.

  • Concept Designs

    Provide several concept design options for client’s consideration. All designs are presented by a fine set of 2D and 3D drawings.

  • Building approvals

    DA application preparation and submission to local council /Building Certifiers.

  • Local Council & Housing Codes Compliance

    Examining Local council controls and Housing Code to determine compliance

  • Variations to development standards

    Where applicable, Prepare Variation requests to Local Council Development standards in the event of minor non-compliance.

  • Statement of Environmental Effects

    Prepare Statement of Environmental Effects as part of the DA submission.

  • Basix Certificate

    Prepare Basix certificate required for most development and CDC application.

  • Compliance with Building Codes

    Compliance with Building Codes of Australia (BCA) and Australian Standards.

  • Detailed CAD Plans

    Prepare detailed CAD Plans and drawings for various developments including residential and change of use.

  • Streamlined Process

    Coordinating with various professionals and engineers to minimise delays and errors and providing a seamless design and drafting service.

Home Builders Melbourne

Home Builders Melbourne is a small, flexible and friendly drafting company established in 2001.
Company's vision is to design a contemporary, unique and stylish home, connected to the surrounding environment which provides a flexible and comfortable living area.

Our experienced and professional staff will help you with every stage of your project.

At Home Builders Melbourne, we incorporate a personalised view based on the special requirements of our clients in developing a quality product. From conceptual vision, to building permits, Home Builders Melbourne will take you to a sustainable modern house with a professional finish using the latest in construction technologies.

Design your Dream, Develop your Future

Awards & Recognition

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