Council Approval

Without effective planning, even the best architectural designs will fall short of expectations. Navigating the labyrinth of legislation on your way to a building approval can be a nightmare – that’s where our experienced team will help with acquiring council approval quickly and hassle free.

Acquiring Building Approval the Easy Way

Our aim is to make your life easier so we navigate the approval process for you and are available to answer all your questions as they arise.

We complete the paperwork, write the reports, provide the submissions for Development Applications and Complying Development Certificates, and offer a solid and reliable point of contact for councils and other bodies. As well as taking the pain out of obtaining approvals, our Town Planning services are driven to ensure the spaces we create are economically efficient and environmentally responsible.

At Home Builders Melbourne, Town Planners work on all projects ensuring your plans have the foundation for the best outcome. Even if you don’t know it. Our Town Planners are always here to help, so if you have a question, get in touch for some free advice.

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