Home Extensions & Renovations

Any home renovations need to be properly integrated into the existing building. This is where the services of a draftsman can help greatly in assuring the quality of the finished work. We help you to plan your renovations for the best return on expenditure and work done.  Home Builders Melbourne provides a complete service, helping with the initial planning of your home renovations right through to obtaining council approval, where required.

Improve and Expand to Accommodate Your Changing Needs

There will come a time when your circumstances alter or your family requirements vary and your existing accommodation will no longer meet all of your needs. That’s the time to improve or expand your home with a ground floor extension, a second storey addition or the conversion of an underutilised area.

Whether you choose to leverage increased equity or add value to your home by investing in accumulated capital, your decision will yield so much more than extra space. A Home Builders Melbourne home renovation or building extension will beautifully redefine your living space whilst simultaneously optimising the value of your most significant long term investment.

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