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How Can I Save Money on My Kitchen Extension?

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    Are you thinking of expanding your kitchen? What would you think if we told you that we are now spending twice as much time thinking about home upgrades as we did before the lockdown? Could it be you? Do you frequently go around your house and think to yourself, "This or that could be improved," or some such variation?

    If you've come to the conclusion that your current kitchen isn't large enough to accommodate your requirements or if you've made the decision that you're ready to go open plan (or broken plan), planning a kitchen extension could be the solution to getting those vital extra square metres and maximising your plot. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to rework your interior layout, which is a bonus.

    FAQs About Home Design

    In a kitchen extension, position a dining table where the maximum light falls. In this space, which lacks conventional windows, roof lights bring drama and atmosphere to the table. An adjustable, wall-hung pivot light adds a modern touch. Look for furniture that fits the space you have as exactly as possible

    A kitchen extension is a popular home improvement. Not only does it create extra space (particularly beneficial if you have a small kitchen!) but it can also add value to your home at the same time. Kitchen extensions can also be beneficial if you're looking to up-size, but you're not keen to move.

    There is no law saying you have to employ an architect. It is up to you. Some people successfully undertake quite major works – including whole house refurbishments and extensions without an architect. Others employ one for comparatively minor jobs, such as redoing a bathroom or redesigning a kitchen.

    How much does a single-storey extension add to the value of a house? For a standard single-storey extension, you can expect to add around 5-8% to the value of your house. Obviously, this will depend on the size, style and exact design of the extension.

    Generally, initial extension building costs are calculated based on your property's size and are worked out by multiplying the square footage by labour rates.

    The construction of an addition can be a challenging balancing act between the creation of a place that you like and the maintenance of a strict financial plan. You may, however, accomplish both of these goals with some thoughtful planning.

    Types of extensions

    There are a few distinct ways that your area can be extended, which you should explore if you are interested in expanding it.

    Single Storey Extensions

    Your kitchen could benefit greatly from the addition of additional space provided by a single-story extension. They only have one floor, thus they will only increase the floor of your home's first level; they will not have any impact on the floor of your home's second level.

    These, on the other hand, are helpful if you're searching for additional space to incorporate a dining area, an additional office, or a more comprehensive area for appliances. If you opt for a single-story extension, you should think about how the roof of the expansion will mesh with the aesthetic of the rest of your home and whether or not the construction of this kind of extension will have an effect on your neighbours.

    Side Return Extensions

    For homes constructed during the Victorian or Edwardian eras, a side return extension was a common alternative for adding living space. These kinds of homes typically contain something called a "side return," which is a gap on the side of the building that is frequently unnecessary or unutilised.

    It is possible to construct an addition in this area, which would provide you with additional space for your kitchen. If you don't discover that you're making significant use of this area very often, you should give some thought to extending the side return. If you extend your kitchen into it, you will finally be making use of ground that was previously unused. It's a win for both sides!

    Wrap-Around Extensions

    Ideas for extending the kitchen that are more extensive and daring may involve more labour, but they may return an even more significant reward in terms of space.

    It is possible to combine a side return extension with a rear extension into a single structure known as a wrap-around extension, which results in a significantly bigger kitchen and living room. For this kind of expansion, you can choose either a flat roof or a pitched roof for the structure that covers the extension.

    Rear Kitchen Extensions

    Rear kitchen extensions are common in situations where there is no side return option available and extend from the back of the house into the kitchen.

    There are three distinct roof styles available, including a flat roof, a mono-pitched roof, and a center-pitched roof. It is likely that this extension may restrict the amount of lawn area you have available; therefore, you should carefully consider what you want from your property.

    Conservatory Extensions

    The addition of conservatories is currently popular in homes that suffer from an insufficient amount of natural light. They also have the potential to create the most stunning view, which is wonderful if you happen to live in an especially attractive place.

    It is also important to note that they are typically more affordable than other extensions, which makes them a realistic alternative for many people who are interested in making more use of the space in their kitchen.

    You might also think about adding one to your home in order to provide additional dining space, which would allow you to remove part of the furniture from the area that is used for cooking and eating.

    Get started

    A "feasibility design review" is something that happens rather frequently in our office. When we visit a customer in their house, we talk with them about their ambitions and ideas. We talk about the things that do work, the things that don't work, and the things that need to be repaired or upgraded.

    After that, we devise two easy-to-follow rough sketches of the plans. The first approach involves making as little alterations to the house as is humanly practicable in an effort to cut costs.

    The second choice is the best one because it satisfies all of the requirements of the customers. After completing these sketches, we talk about the idea with a few different builders to obtain their feedback on how much it would cost.

    Before beginning the process of actually designing and constructing the structure, we make use of this information to do research on the available design alternatives and formulate a cost-effective plan.

    Consider a master plan.

    To have a better concept of all the things that can be done to improve the energy efficiency and usefulness of your home, it is often a good idea to construct a master plan.

    This will give you a better picture of what can be done. With the help of a master plan, you will be able to distinguish between the straightforward tasks that can be completed immediately, such as installing weather stripping and draught-proofing windows, and the more complicated tasks that should be grouped in order to save money on labour costs or because a building permit may be necessary.

    We have conversations with folks who believe that because they cannot afford to repair all of their windows or insulate all of their walls, there is no purpose in them taking any action at all. However, as we have stated previously, it is important to remember that even the smallest changes can have a significant impact on the level of comfort and energy efficiency in your home.

    Even just replacing one or two windows, for example in your living space or the part of the house that gets the most cold or the most heat, can make a significant difference.

    Consider your requirements before beginning any major renovations or additions to your home. Remember that little is more, and always choose quality over quantity. Consider the possibility of designing places that can serve several purposes and, whenever it's feasible to do so, purchase goods that are already manufactured rather than having them produced to order.

    Things to take into consideration

    Before you get started planning an extension, there are a few things you need think about first. This involves determining what kind of extension will be appropriate for your needs. In the past, homeowners frequently opted for dining and utility rooms that were kept separate.

    These days, however, open floor plans are more desirable. Think on what you want to accomplish with the extension before you get started on the project. Kitchen additions not only add space for additional cooking options, but also for dining, unwinding, and hosting visitors.

    Ideas for extending your kitchen do more than just create additional space; they can also completely transform the atmosphere of your home. Some of the additions will have doors that open up into the garden, creating an atmosphere that is like dining in the open air. Others make the room more adaptable so that it can be enjoyed by the whole family.

    An extension is a big investment, and you are required to obtain planning approval before you can move forwards with the project. The size of your extension will be determined by the available space on your property as well as your budget.

    When beginning from scratch, there are no restrictions in terms of the existing electrical and plumbing systems; nevertheless, any extension will cause major disruption, so you should be prepared for this. A consideration of how much it will cost should be made early on in the design stages of a kitchen extension.

    Ways to Actually Save Money on a Kitchen Extension

    Shop around for cabinets:

    Go to a few different establishments, get a few different price quotes, and don't be afraid to haggle. You'll be surprised at how much of a discount you can get off the price by simply asking about it and mentioning that you've been offered a lesser price somewhere else.

    Also, don't let yourself get lured in by big discounts such as fifty percent off this month; in all likely, the price has been artificially raised so that the store can offer you a discount of that magnitude.

    Last but not least, you should make it a point to shop at at least a few different stores. Not only will it assist you in locating the most affordable option, but it also has the potential to provide you with a variety of options for your design.

    Shop online for appliances:

    Make your purchases of home appliances online. If it's not a very specialised item, most of the greatest big brands are sold online, where they are usually always less expensive than in a kitchen showroom. This is true even if the item in question is extremely specialised.

    Because some showrooms only sell the brands that they exhibit, you might even have more options available to you when it comes to brands. Do some research to find what you're looking for, and don't forget to make your purchases in a timely manner. You don't want to come to the point where you need them the day after tomorrow, just to find out that they are sold out.

    You may also source your smaller appliances, such as the sink or tap, online as well; although, in most cases, the amount you can save will not be quite as high as it would be otherwise. However, if you are intent on making the most savings possible, there is no harm in looking about at different options.

    Save on appliance brands:

    The vast majority of us only take notice of the brand of the appliance when we can really see it. Many times, in order to assist individuals in saving money on their appliances, we suggest that they get a more well-known brand for the ovens and hobs because these are always on show and can be an essential factor in resale value.

    On the other hand, you can get away with purchasing less well-known names for appliances that are concealed behind a cabinet door. This includes the dishwasher, as well as possibly the refrigerator/freezer and the range hood.

    Because they do not have that particular emblem, the price of these items is typically lower; but, they may have every other feature that you require. Nobody will be the wiser, and the vast majority of the time, they are every bit as good as (and sometimes even better than) the well-known brand names.

    Get the worktop yourself:

    This is a significant one that, in some cases, can end up saving you a sizeable amount of money.
    Your best bet, whether you have laminate or hardwood (timber) countertops, is to purchase the lengths of your worktops on your own through an online retailer.

    It would be far more cost effective for you to purchase these sorts of worktops on your own rather than going through a kitchen showroom because there are many reputable internet suppliers that sell them.

    The majority of the time, the kitchen showroom sells the same thing as its competitors, but at a price that includes their profit margin.
    Since laminate and oak worktops are available in standard dimensions, you will need to calculate how much material you will require for each run of your worktop.

    Always leave a little bit of extra room for cutting, and if it looks like it might be too close, choose the next size up to be on the safe side. You can always utilise the offcuts as chopping boards, especially if the work surface is made of wood.

    Visit a stone fabricator or quarry instead of doing internet shopping if you have a worktop that resembles granite or quartz. This is the best place to get replacement parts.

    If you want to discover a good stone fabricator in your area, you will need to do some research and put in some effort, but after you have found one or two, you should obtain some estimates for the work you want done.

    It is highly likely that the price will be lower than the one that was estimated by your kitchen showroom for the identical item. Again, it is very likely that the same service and guarantee will be provided; in fact, it is possible that you will be dealing with the same firm that the kitchen showroom does; the only difference is that you will be skipping the middle man.

    Use a locally trusted fitter:

    The cost of the kitchen installation itself has the potential to be a substantial factor. The in-house kitchen installation service offered by a kitchen store is typically more expensive than the outstanding local fitter that may be found locally. Request recommendations from people you know, check out some of the company's previous work if you can, and obtain a price estimate.

    The negative aspect of this is that if they break something, you will need to bargain to get a replacement and pay for that in addition to the original cost. They would be the ones to replace it if something was broken during installation by the kitchen company's in-house installation crew.

    Consider how much peace of mind you want to have regarding the way your kitchen fits, and ask yourself if the savings are worth the slightly increased risk for you.

    Buy accessories yourself:

    You may save money by purchasing your kitchen accessories online as well, just like you might by saving money by purchasing your appliances online yourself. We discuss about some of the minor accessories (typically upsells) that you may have in your kitchens, such as pop-up sockets, wooden cutlery trays, spice racks, and pegboards to organise your pan drawers.

    These are all examples of things that you can have in your kitchens. You could wish to have some of these extra valuable components for your kitchen, but it will be much more cost effective for you to acquire them on your own.

    Imagine that rather than having the kitchen business instal your new kitchen, you have decided to hire a local fitter or builder to do the job. In that case, you could take these savings on accessories one step further by sourcing any storage mechanisms yourself as well. This would bring the total savings on accessories to three.

    Things like le-mans corner solutions, pull-out wirework, integrated bins, and even under cabinet lights can all be sourced online and for a much lower price than if you purchased the cabinets with them already installed from the cabinet company. This is especially true if you compare the cost of purchasing the cabinets with them already installed to the cost of purchasing the cabinets without them already installed.

    Reuse parts of your old kitchen:

    Why get rid of anything that is in good condition and still functional if it may be put to good use? Keeping some of your home's equipment can be an excellent method to reduce overall costs.

    Since the majority of home appliances come in predetermined standard sizes, it will be simple to replace things like your oven if you ever decide you want a more advanced model. This may make it easier to budget for the total expense over time.

    Why not make your breakfast bar out of part of that magnificent piece of hardwood worktop that you are getting rid of? By doing so, you will save money that would have been spent on purchasing new timber. Not only can you save some money by combining different textures in your kitchen, but it may also make your space appear amazing.

    Consider repurposing your kitchen cabinets in your utility room or garage, if you have either of those spaces, provided that they are still in good functioning condition and have not been damaged.

    Sell your old kitchen:

    Even while you may find that your old kitchen is no longer to your liking, this does not necessarily mean that it needs to be thrown away. There are businesses available today that will pay you money for your used kitchen cabinets, countertops, and appliances.
    Even if you are only able to earn a little bit of money for your old appliances, it may still be worth your time to try.

    There are specialised websites and businesses that will buy your used kitchen from you. You could be shocked by the things that people are looking for and the prices that they are willing to pay for them.

    Full disclosure, we have never had any customers utilise these sites; but, they are available for you to investigate, and they could very well be just what you are looking for!

    Reduce any structural alterations:

    Before agreeing to that extension, give it a lot of thought and consideration. It's true that having that enormous open area will make your home appear amazing, but ask yourself this: do you really need it? What is the price going to be? And if you plan to sell it in the near future, do you think it will be worth the investment? The cost of the project is likely to balloon dramatically if architects and planning applications are brought into the picture.

    One further method for creating more space is to tear down interior walls, which can be done very easily if the walls in question are stud walls and do not hold any weight. When compared to the expense of constructing an addition or anything else that requires supporting steelwork, this might result in significant savings on the cost of the structure. Additionally, it may allow you to skip the requirement for architects and planning clearance.

    How much money is your peace of mind, time and stress worth?

    It is true that you can cut costs by doing many things on your own, but doing so will need a lot of your time and may lead you to feel stressed out. On the other hand, if you paid a professional to do their job and this work for you, not only would you be able to reclaim some of your time, but you would also be relieved of the responsibility that would fall on your shoulders in the event that something went wrong.

    For example, if you order the wrong length of worktop, you will be responsible for the expense of having it rectified. On the other hand, if the kitchen company orders the wrong stuff, guess who is responsible for paying to have it fixed? Not you. And, let's keep our fingers crossed that they won't order the wrong length to begin with!

    It is impossible to overstate the benefits of hiring a professional to do their job and relieve you of some of the time, worry, and responsibility that comes along with it. We are confident that you already have a significant amount of responsibilities in your day-to-day life, even without adding all of this additional work on top of it.

    Consider both yourself and the project at hand, consider the benefits and drawbacks of the savings, and know that I am sending positive thoughts your way on the renovation of the kitchen. Also, keep in mind that if all else fails, you should try to befriend a kitchen designer.


    The solution to acquiring those essential extra square metres and making the most of your land could be as simple as planning an expansion to your kitchen. If you are interested in increasing the size of your region, there are several various ways in which it might be increased, each of which you should investigate. If you decide to go with an addition that is only one story tall, you need to give some thought to how the roof of the addition will blend in with the roof of the rest of your house. It is possible to create what is referred to as a wrap-around extension by combining a side return extension with a rear extension into a single building structure. When it comes to the structure that will cover the expansion, you have the option of selecting either a flat roof or a pitched roof.

    The construction of conservatories is common in houses that have trouble receiving adequate amounts of natural light due to their location. It is generally a good idea to develop a master plan for your home if you are looking for ways to boost the energy efficiency as well as the functionality of your dwelling. Your level of comfort and the amount of energy efficiency in your house can be significantly improved by making even the tiniest of adjustments. Think about the idea of building spaces that can be used for a variety of functions, and think about purchasing products that have already been manufactured rather than having them made just for you. You are needed to get the extension approved by the planning department before you can move forwards with the project because it is a significant financial expenditure.

    Some of the new additions will feature doors that open directly onto the garden, emulating the experience of dining al fresco when the weather permits. Others make the space more flexible so that it can be used by every member of the family and enjoyed by all of them. Because some showrooms only sell the brands that they showcase, you may have access to a wider variety of choices when it comes to the brands that are available to you. When it comes to appliances that are hidden away behind a cabinet door, you can get away with selecting brands that are not as well known. The price of these things is often lower than the price of similar items since they do not have that particular insignia; nonetheless, they may have all of the other features that you require.

    To determine how much material you will need for each run of your worktop, you will need to perform some calculations. Always remember to give a little bit of extra area for cutting, and if it appears as though it could be too close, go up a size. If the work surface is built of wood, you can always use the offcuts as chopping boards. This is especially true if the offcuts are large enough. This is the greatest place to acquire replacement parts for a worktop that is made of granite or quartz because it looks like either of those materials. You might make a breakfast bar out of a portion of the hardwood countertop that you are getting rid of, or you could repurpose certain components of your outdated kitchen.

    Keeping some of the furnishings and appliances in your home can be an effective strategy for lowering expenditures overall. There are websites and businesses that will give you money for your used kitchen cabinets, countertops, and appliances. You may find these places by searching the internet. It is possible that the items that people are looking for, in addition to the prices that they are ready to pay for those things, will surprise you. It's true that having that large open space in your home would make it look wonderful, but the question you should be asking yourself is: do you really need it? And if you do want to sell it in the not too distant future, do you believe that the investment will be worthwhile?

    It is tough to overestimate the benefits of employing a professional to do their job and relieve you of some of the time, concern, and responsibility that comes along with it. If you hire a professional, they will perform their job and relieve you of some of these responsibilities. It is possible that this will result in significant cost savings when compared to the cost of constructing an addition or anything else that requires supporting steelwork. These costs can be compared to the cost of the structure.

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