Boys Bedroom Ideas

What Are The Best Boys Bedroom Ideas?

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    The search for ideas for boys' bedrooms can be quite an exciting journey, one that can take you from dense jungles teeming with exotic animals to the blazing asphalt of speedway racetracks, with a few detours into outer space thrown in for good measure.

    You and your child have the freedom to let your imagination run wild when it comes to kids' room ideas; however, it may take a few helpful hints and a dash of creativity to turn the dream into a reality.

    You will need to think carefully about how you intend to keep the space tidy, as well as how your child will grow with the room (both physically and in terms of their tastes). These are the kinds of issues that you'll need to consider with any bedroom idea you come up with.

    We have gathered a variety of seriously cool bedrooms for boys as well as advice from interior design professionals to assist you in creating a daring den for your children, including evocative murals and classic colour schemes.

    You don't want to have to redecorate every few years as they grow up, so the best ideas for a boy's bedroom are ones that firstly reflect the personality of the boy who will be sleeping in the room, fit your style as well, and have the potential to last for many years. The bedrooms of boys should be inviting places for them to spend time, both playing and sleeping, because they should be fun and creative.

    And they aren't limited to just blue colour schemes and pictures of pirate ships for decoration; we've found plenty of gender-neutral decor ideas and fun themes that are suitable for a wide range of styles (don't worry; they're all approved by adults, too!).

    Simply scroll down through the many different bedroom themes for children that have been provided below, and you will find ideas for shark themes, dinosaur themes, jungle themes, pirate themes, space themes, graffiti walls, skateboard shelves, and secret dens.

    You can make the room reflect the occupants' interests, hobbies, or even their favourite sports teams, animals, or other things by decorating it appropriately.

    The bedroom's storage has also been given a creative makeover, with pail-inspired buckets now hanging from pegs on the walls, Legos serving as the inspiration for storage boxes, and a pegboard wall displaying treasures proudly displayed.

    FAQs About Home Design

    What should be included in a boy's bedroom will mostly depend on their age. For younger boys, you'll want to include plenty of spaces to play, maybe a den and a mat, and plenty of easy to access storage for toys so they can pull them out and hopefully put them away easily too. As they get old, you might want to consider adding a desk for homework or drawing.

    The bed you choose is key, too; try not to get too carried away buying an (undoubtedly impressive) bed shaped like a car, boat, or castle unless you are sure you will not have to replace it in a year. Instead, pick investment pieces that will last and grow as they do – with a bed that can mean as you could choose a model that expands. 

    Blue is the go-to, but there are so many more colour schemes that will work in boy's rooms. Yellow is a very on-trend shade in gender-neutral bedrooms, as is green, but just let your child get involved with the colour choices, and you want their space to reflect their tastes. 

    Guys feel more comfortable with white, grey, and black palettes. So think about adding colour with a piece of artwork or an accessory rather than a big, splashy red wall or bright bedding. And be sure to balance out the neutrals.

    Sort toys by size to stack them and maximise shelves and closet space. Hang mesh bags inside a closet for stuffed animals or balls. In bedrooms, stuffed animals can be in hammocks or wall shelves to keep them off of the floor.

    While feminine rooms tend to value asymmetry and accessories, you can make a masculine room by focusing on simple statement pieces, such as a wall colour or a large piece of furniture. Try to keep things symmetrical: think matching table lamps on each side of the bed or matching sconces flanking an entryway.

    Go For A Stylish Treehouse Theme

    They want a room with a forest theme, right? Who is to say that something with a forest theme can't be fashionable? Check out this adorable idea for a boy's room, which features a chic black and white tree canopy mural as well as a canopy bed; both of these elements create the feeling of being in a treehouse, but in a more understated way that is more durable and will grow with the child.

    Go Subtle With A Cool Space Theme

    Another illustration of how you can incorporate your children's passions into their room without completely taking over the space is provided by the bedroom of this boy, which is decorated in a space theme. The deep colours, spacey lighting, and wall decor pick up on all things solar and lunar, but you could easily switch it out without being too obviously themed as their (ever-changing) tastes grow up.

    Hang A Jungle-Themed Wallpaper

    How can one quickly transform a plain room into a mystical and inspiring setting for creative endeavours? Wallpaper. You can find many designs that are suitable for children, ranging from starry skies to under the sea; however, you can't go wrong with a palm print, which exudes an instant jungle vibe and is perfect for an on-trend look.

    You can envision this easily transitioning into a teenage boy's bedroom without having to do too much redecorating if it is paired with a deep blue in this room because it makes the space feel fun and fresh without being overly childish.

    Pick A Preppy Elegant Look For A Boy's Bedroom

    Are you looking for a concept for a boy's bedroom that is a little bit more sophisticated? This young man's bedroom exuded an air of refined elegance thanks to the lovely grass-cloth wallpaper, the tasteful monogrammed bedding, and the framed artwork rather than posters that adorned the walls.

    Use Their Books As Decoration

    While a pegboard is a handy place to store superhero outfits, shallow shelves are a great way to display children's books, which can act as a gallery wall in their own right. Another option is to hang superhero costumes on the wall. In addition, they only take up a small amount of room, so there is plenty of room on the floor for people to play.

    Keep It Simple

    If you want the design of your boy's bedroom to last for a long time, choose a colour scheme that is neutral and then add pops of colour and themed decorations to give the room a theme. Observe how the colours and furniture in this room are kept to a minimum; this allows the focus to be drawn to the fun elements, such as the bedding and the toys, which can both be easily changed out.

    Make Room For Fun And Games

    Bear in mind that a boy's bedroom is where they will play, particularly if you do not have a separate playroom, so you should think about making space for toys and keeping some floor space clear. If you do not have a separate playroom, this is especially important. If you have the option, consider replacing some bulky storage pieces with storage that is mounted on the wall.

    You can make this boy's bedroom into a large space that will serve him well from childhood into his teenage years by removing the stud wall that separated the two smaller rooms that it had previously been. When you have friends over to hang out, this area becomes a lot more fun because of the football table.

    Bring In Colour With Flags

    You can create a trendy and edgy atmosphere by decorating with flags in the form of wall hangings or, as in this bedroom, roller blinds, and then accessorising with a rug or bedding that matches the theme. As they get older, they will find that the Union Jack theme, which has a definite rock 'n' roll vibe, is something that appeals to them.

    Boys Bedroom Ideas

    Build A Secret Den

    One of these wardrobe doors opens up into a "secret room," providing an area reminiscent of a den for one of the fortunate boys. The perfect solution for keeping the mess out of the bedroom while still having fun playing with cars and trains. Consult with an architect to ensure that you get the best design for your space and that all necessary precautions are taken to protect people's health and safety.

    Incorporate A Pegboard Wall

    The interior layout of a shop served as motivation for the construction of the pegboard wall that is a prominent feature in this boy's bedroom.

    To construct the ideal storage wall, you can customise it by adding accessories such as shelves and hooks, which demonstrates the product's high degree of adaptability. This concept for a kid's bedroom demonstrates, as you can see, that it is also capable of serving as some pretty cool decoration.

    Decorate With Graffiti Art

    Are you looking for additional ideas for a boy's bedroom that are teen-inspired? How about a table for football, some storage for legos, and some graffiti art? You made the purchase of the awesome mural in Holland. A group of graffiti artists from Rotterdam came together to create this piece, which gives the room an air of sophisticated edginess.

    Add In A Reading Corner

    Creating a reading nook in a child's bedroom makes for the ideal place to curl up with a good book or perch while you read to them. Choose an item that is cosy, and if you want to add some pattern to the room as well, use it in the same way that the blue bedroom shown here does.

    Make Storage Fun

    This bright and airy space in the basement is shared by two young people. To keep the room organised, the pail-inspired bucket toy storage ideas are some of our favourites. Also, since storage is such an important component in a kid's room, you should try to make it fun and incorporate it into the overall theme of the space. Who knows, maybe it will motivate them to pick up after themselves.

    Create A Skateboard Wall

    These neon skateboards fixed to the wall add fun pops of wild colour to the otherwise neutral room, which is perfect if you're looking for some ideas for a cool boy's bedroom that are edgier and more alternative.

    Create Some Temporary Decor With Wall Stickers

    Wall stickers are a really quick and easy way to update a kid's bedroom without committing to redecorating; in addition, they are a good idea if you are renting as well as being a good idea in general. An example of this would be a wall decal depicting Batman, which not only brings a sense of levity to the room but also allows for its contents to be easily updated as the children grow older.

    Take Wall Stickers Onto Furniture Too

    Stickers in the shape of stars are a tried-and-true decoration choice for the bedroom of any child; not only do they impart an instant feeling of enchantment, but they are also very simple to remove. Don't limit yourself to just the walls; instead, try incorporating them into the furniture as well, like in this bedroom, so that they blend in with the walls.

    Create A Scandi Vibe With An All-White Look

    This bedroom has been given a Scandi vibe by the use of whitewood panelling, which is complemented by the sleigh bed and painted floorboards. Keeping the colour scheme for the room straightforward makes it easier to modify it as needed to accommodate shifting preferences and fashions. If you are having trouble selecting a colour for your son's bedroom, try keeping it uncomplicated by painting the walls white. You will notice very quickly how their preferences and individual sense of style begin to come through.

    Integrate A Sporting Hobby Into His Interiors

    Are you ready for some football and soccer, Moms? If you want an inspiring interior that lasts longer than the game itself, it's time to replace the space that is currently being used by your son in his bedroom.

    Bright wall paint and stencils are an easy and cost-effective way to give your boy's bedroom a makeover without breaking the bank. Make sure to pick a paint that can be easily cleaned, as this will make it much easier to remove any smudges or scribbles.

    Alternately, you could replace hangers with cloakroom hooks and ditch the boring clothes storage idea you've been using in favour of high school-style lockers.

    The incorporation of this synthetic grass rug into a boy's bedroom design is a contemporary take on the age-old practise of decorating with elements inspired by natural environments, known as biophilia. And make the chore of doing the laundry easier by coming up with some creative and fun ways to get his shirts and shorts into the basket – a touchdown!

    Create A Bold Monochromatic Scheme

    Do you believe that black bedroom ideas are uninteresting? Think again. This understated colour palette is right on trend and will look good on your son even as he gets older.

    You can create a design-led look that is versatile and timeless by combining organic and geometric patterns and shapes in your work. But as you can see in this area, drip designs aren't limited to just cakes at all. Therefore, have the boy contribute to the design of this uncomplicated but eye-catching den. Alternately, you could use paint splatters to achieve a look that is more impromptu and unfinished.

    Please keep it straightforward with these two colours, or add one more vibrant shade, to create an interior space that makes an impression. Think of a monochromatic colour scheme for a boy's bedroom as a chameleon that can transform itself as your child grows older.

    Boys Bedroom Ideas

    Create A Powerful Superhero Wall Mural

    Are you looking to give your boy's bedroom a little more "kapow"? Then put your superpowers to use by painting a straightforward mural. Begin by laying down a foundation of a striking primary colour such as blue, and then add black buildings and other characteristics that are synonymous with comic strip art.

    But if you find that freehand sketching is your greatest challenge, you shouldn't let that get you down because stencils and stickers can be your covert weapon. Therefore, give this area more of a "wow factor" by using bold lettering, motifs with zigzag lines, and onomatopoeia. That sounds to both of us like a "bang," "crash," and "boom," respectively.

    Go Wild With A Printed Wallpaper Design

    Incorporating a safari theme into a boy's bedroom scheme is the way to go in the event that you have a young child who is absolutely obsessed with animals.

    There are a lot of creative ways to bring wildlife into this area, but printed wallpaper is one of the simplest ways to do it. You can remove this once your children have reached an age where they no longer need it by keeping an eye out for solutions that involve stick-on adhesives.

    Find offcuts of wood to add to your bed frame in order to create your own bedding in the style of Noah's ark while sticking to a budget. To style this space, add furnishings in earthy mustard and soft terracotta tones. This will warm up the room.

    Get Them Involved With The Colour Scheme

    When it comes to planning a boy's bedroom, the easiest place to begin is with the colour scheme. It is something that you can decide on together, and as a result, it will dictate many of the design decisions, so it is best to decide on colours first.

    When it comes to painting ideas for children's bedrooms, the last thing you want to do is have to repaint the room every month because your child's prefered colour has shifted. But you should think about the colours that they adore right now and incorporate them in small doses, like the yellow that is used in this bedroom.

    It is important to note that all of the walls have been kept clean and white, providing the ideal backdrop for the addition of other colours as your child's preferences develop. Painting the ceiling is another good idea because it makes the colour less dominant than it would be if it were applied to all four walls at the same time. Additionally, it is fun to have a colourful ceiling.

    Make Playtime The Focus With A Fun Theme

    Since the majority of boys' bedrooms are also used as playrooms, the emphasis should be placed initially on fun and toys. Make sure that toys are easily accessible at a height that is appropriate for children, and incorporate fun and unusual elements into your home decor, such as this adorable rug that imitates grass and the wallpaper that continues that outdoor theme.

    You want your child to have the impression that the room is a safe haven, a place they can go to get away from the world and where they can let their imaginations run wild.

    Pick A Cool Kid-Approved Bed

    Who, including us adults, wouldn't drool over having this adorable kids' bed as part of their bedroom furniture? They get to spend every night in what is essentially a cross between a playhouse and a treehouse, but it is located in their bedroom.

    It not only looks great, but it also provides them with a sense of privacy, as well as a place where they can go to read or play, giving them the impression that they have their own space. In addition, you can embellish it in a way that caters to their preferences and evolves with them as they get older.

    Get The Bed Up Off The Floor

    It is such a cool idea for a boy's bedroom to have when they are a little older, and having your bed essentially on the ceiling is brilliant rather than terrifying. This idea is for when they are a little older. In this kid's room, the bed is built into the wall directly above the closets, and there is a ladder that leads up to the sleeping area.

    You don't need to cram in both a bed and storage because you get both in one, leaving more floor space for play! It's perfect for smaller rooms because of this! It creates such a cool and cosy nook, and it's perfect for smaller rooms because of this!


    It is important for a boy's bedroom to be an engaging and imaginative space where he can spend time not only sleeping but also playing. Because you do not want to have to redecorate every few years as they grow up, the best ideas for a boy's bedroom are ones that reflect the personality of the boy who will be sleeping in the room. This is because you do not want to have to redecorate every few years as they grow up. A jungle-themed bedroom for a boy is one of the simplest ways to give your child's room an on-trend feel without having to do too much redecorating. This is because a jungle-themed bedroom for a boy centres on the idea that the boy lives in the jungle. Another option is to keep the space theme subtle by decorating the room with elements like this boy's room, which has a mural of a tree canopy that is black and white and monogrammed bedding. If you don't feel the need to completely transform the space, converting it into a bedroom suitable for a teenage boy shouldn't be difficult.

    Because a boy's bedroom is where they will play, you should give some consideration to creating space for toys while also ensuring that the floor is clear. If you have the opportunity, you might want to think about switching out some bulky storage pieces for storage that is mounted on the wall. Decorating with flags or accessorising with a rug or bedding that is themed to go along with the overall aesthetic can help you produce an atmosphere that is hip and urban. Providing a comfortable spot to curl up with a good book or perch while you read to your child can be accomplished by designing their bedroom to include a reading nook. To help keep the space neat and tidy, some of our favourite toy storage ideas are those that are inspired by buckets and pails.

    Rather than completely redecorating a kid's room, you can bring it up to date with minimal effort and time investment by using wall stickers. If you want an inspiring interior that lasts longer than the game itself, it is time to replace the space in your son's bedroom that he is currently using, as this will allow you to create an environment that will last longer than the game itself. You can give your boy's bedroom a makeover without breaking the bank by using bright wall paint and stencils. This is an easy and cost-effective way to give the room a new look. Very quickly, you will become aware of how their preferences and distinct personal sense of style are beginning to emerge. In the event that you have a young child who is obsessed with animals, you should consider decorating a boy's bedroom in a safari theme. This is the best course of action to take.

    You can add more of a "wow factor" to this area by using onomatopoeia, motifs with zigzag lines, and bold lettering. To complete the look of this room, add furniture in muted terracotta and mustard tones for an earthy look. There is a ladder that leads up to the sleeping area, which is reached by climbing the bed that is built into the wall directly above the closets. Because it produces such a cool and cosy nook, it works particularly well in rooms that are on the compact side. You won't have to squeeze in a bed in addition to storage because you get both in one, so now there will be more room for playing on the floor!


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